Østfold Lag shall be again!      
                  Østfold USA  interest site!!
This site is a renewal site . The old Østfold Lag site is no longer maintained Anyone interested in the Østfold fylke Norway may contact the webmaster to indicate their interest.
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All inquiries will be answered. Since this is a new effort I would appreciate any information you have to add. I have the membership list from the original now defunct internet Østfold lag and will contact as many past members as possible. I also have the finalized draft of the Bylaws proposed for the lag in 2001 which were never voted on. The Bygdlagnes Fellesraad group has been notified of my intention to assist in recreating the Østfold lag. It is my hope that it will become a real lag this time.  The Romerike lag has indicated an interest in joining with an Østfold lag should it transpire for joint stevne conventions..